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You can shop for Napa Soap Company products at many fine retail stores throughout the United States. Since many stores carry multiple or select product collections, we suggest calling ahead to verify availability. Please type in your zipcode to find locations nearby. If you are unable to find something in your area, we are happy to ship you something from our store.

Napa Soap Company Store Locator

Did you know that various retail and boutique stores across the country carry our natural body care and skin care products? If you don’t have a trip planned to the Napa Valley or hate to shop online, you can still shop our products at a store near you by using the Napa Soap Company store locator!

Thanks to our store locator, you don’t have to wonder where to buy our Napa Soap anymore! To use, simply type in your zip code and press enter. As soon as you do this, several locations closest to the indicated zip code will pop up. If you’re not sure about what product collections the locations closest to you carry, please call the Napa Soap Company Retail Store and we will be more than happy to help!

If you are unable to find something in your area, we would be more than happy to ship you something from our online store. Treat your skin to the rich botanicals of the Napa Valley and shop today! For questions about our ecofriendly practices or skin care products, please contact us at (707) 963-5010 or send us an email at orders@napasoap.com! Follow us on our Instagram account @napasoap to stay up to date on our latest promotions, promo codes and new product features.