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Bar Soap

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We craft our soaps by hand in small batches of 50 bars each at our shop in downtown St. Helena, Napa Valley.  We use natural ingredients, buy organic whenever we can, recycle all of our packaging materials, and try to source as many local products as possible.  All bars are hand poured and approximately 6 + ounces.  We hope you enjoy our soap as much as we do!  Here is a link to our bar soap ingredients.

Stock up and SAVE!  Buy 12 bars and get one free!  Place 13 bars of your choice in your cart and use the coupon code SOAPER'S DOZEN at checkout.  You will see the discount for the 13th bar in your shopping cart.  Please note that the coupon can only be used once per order.  Now that's a deal! (In case you were wondering, you can enter the coupon code a few different ways.  Any of these options will work DOZEN, SOAPERS DOZEN or SOAPER'S DOZEN.  Just needed to cover all our bases there :)

Keeping it Clean (news from the soap shop)


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